When it comes to creating the perfect oasis in your backyard, the decision to turf around your pool is a game-changer. Pools are not just a place to cool off; they’re a focal point of relaxation and recreation. In collaboration with La Vida Pools and Spas, the leading Pool Builders in Brisbane, Budget Turf brings you insights into the world of poolside landscaping and answers the burning question: “Is it a good idea to turf around the pool?”


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Why Turf Around the Pool?

Turfing around your pool offers a myriad of benefits that extend beyond aesthetics. Not only does it add a lush, green touch to your poolside retreat, but it also provides a comfortable surface for sunbathing, playing, and lounging. Unlike hard surfaces, turf is soft on the feet and stays cool even in the scorching Brisbane heat.



Safety First: Slip Resistance Matters

One of the primary concerns when it comes to poolside landscaping is safety. The area around the pool is prone to splashes and wet surfaces, making slip resistance crucial. Budget Turf offers turf varieties that provide excellent slip resistance, ensuring that your poolside remains a safe and enjoyable space for everyone, especially with active children or elderly family members.


Customisation Options: Tailoring Turf to Your Style

Pool builders in Brisbane know that each backyard is unique, and so are the preferences of homeowners. Budget Turf provides a range of turf options, from fine-textured grass varieties to more robust options, allowing you to tailor your poolside landscaping to match your aesthetic vision. The versatility of turf makes it a perfect fit for any design, complementing the overall look of your pool area.

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Installation Expertise: Poolside Perfection with Budget Turf

The installation process of turf around a pool requires careful consideration to ensure longevity and optimal performance. La Vida Pools and Spas can trust Budget Turf’s expertise in proper installation techniques, ensuring a seamless and durable result. Our team takes into account factors like drainage, soil preparation, and edging to create a poolside paradise that stands the test of time.

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Elevate Your Poolside Experience with Turf

In collaboration with La Vida Pools and Spas, Budget Turf emphasises the benefits of turfing around your pool in Brisbane. From safety and low maintenance to customisation options and expert installation, turf offers a winning solution for creating a visually stunning, comfortable, and safe poolside haven.

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